Standalone Tools
version 0.886
Artist's Hotkey Toolbar for Windows
Funky Bar is an app that stores hotkeys on a per-app basis within a highly customizable toolbar.
Using Pior Oberson's concept, it was written specifically for artists who use tablets to help eliminate the dependency on the keyboard, but is open to many other possibilites!
Much like the Wacom tablet drivers, Funky Bar detects which program you are currently using and adjusts accordingly to your custom settings for that particular program.
View the videos linked at the right to see more.

July 5th demo of Funkybar v0.870 June 18 demo of Funkybar v0.848

I've finally released a test version!
It'll improve as I get time :)
Please free to send me feedback

Funky Xnormal batcher
version 0.82
Xnormal batch-bake manager for Windows
Funky Xnormal Batcher is an app that helps manage complex bake operations with xNormal
Many may be unaware that xNormal uses XML files to write all of your bake information so it can be reloaded or baked via commandline without even opening the interface! This is exactly what this tool uses to make baking complex stuff in xNormal easier.
The script has 3 main features:
  • First, you can create new XML files with your bake settings (lowpoly, highpoly, etc) by hitting Write to Bake file

    (Note xNormal's can do this already in Settings&Examples->Load/Save Settings. I just wanted a bitesize UI to access most of the options you'd need. For more advanced options, use xNormal to create these files)
  • Second, you can hit Batch Bake XML's to sequentially bake a selection of bake files in xNormal's commandline mode
  • Third, once you've baked maps either via this app, xNormal, or whatever, you can combine them all in photoshop using an embedded script with the combine to psd button

Note there are other tools that use these same features, and some of them may be better depending on your needs!
Trebor777's awesome xNormal batcher,
Froyok's froXnormal for Maya,
or Airborn Studios' Backstube are a few, use the tool that best fits your needs :)

This release is early so use at your own risk!
I'm just uploading it incase someone may benefit from it
Please send me any feedback you have :)

Extra Details for Writing Bake Files (XML's):
  • When selecting a lowpoly or highpoly mesh with auto fill mode on, it'll try to match any existing highpoly, lowpoly, or cage meshes based on name
  • When writing bake settings with both AO and Vertexcolor or Tangent Normals vs. Object Normals, etc. The script will automatically create a separate bake file for them so you don't have to manually alter settings!
  • Right clicking on any mapTypes will bring up a few common settings that you may want to change (be careful, right now there is only minimal error checking to see if you entered an invalid value!)
  • whenever you want to clear your high, low, and cage lists just hit Reset
  • And whenever you want to re-initialize all of your settings, just hit Reset All
Extra Details for Batch Baking XML's:
  • The app will allow you to cancel the bake process if you want, but it'll try to notify you of any errors during the batchbaking process and give a rough estimate of how much longer it'll take
Extra Details for Combining to PSD:

Latest update notes (v0.82)
  • (v0.82) created firstpass UI for 'preview mode' options
  • (v0.82) fixed string parsing for filepaths with spaces in the name
  • (v0.81) fixed undeclared variable in BatchBake option
  • (v0.80) created 'preview mode' which will override mapsize and what maps to bake and raycasts
  • (v0.80) no UI for this feature either, but you can also edit prefix/suffixes in the settings file
  • (v0.80) detects xNormal's original settings better
  • (v0.80) more extensive checks for FB_combineMaps installation
  • (v0.77) added FBX cage meshes and put in an objectID maptype option
  • (v0.76) fixed bug where it'd error if you did a specific sequence of high poly loads
  • (v0.75) Fixed bug where highpoly list didn't show horizontal scrollbar
  • (v0.74) Now takes default settings from last used xNormal settings
MEL Scripts
FB Image-Plane-o-rizer
version 1.0
simple imageplane creation script
This is a quick and simple script I made just to speed up the process of creating image planes in Maya.
It creates a shader and the image plane with correct dimensions. There are options for:
  • 6 different views
  • a prefix name
  • scale
  • offset from origin
  • one-sided display
  • and renderability.
FB poly Planarize
version 1.1
Make polygonal components planar like in 3ds Max
FBpolyPlanarize is my attempt at the 'Make Planar' tools from 3ds Max.
Particularly useful for inorganics and stylized stuff, it makes selected poly components planar on X, Y, Z, or an arbitrary 'Best' plane
Running FBpolyPlanarizeSetup will create the option in an FBTools menu and apply it to the userSetup.mel - or you can do it manually.
FB combine
version 1.0
smart poly Combine with retaining and awesome options
FBcombine is my improvement to the 'Combine' tool.
With FBcombine you have options to retain properties of your first selected object
  • delete history or not
  • toggle and run Separate if only 1 object selected
  • retain, ignore, or center Pivot
  • retain or ignore rotation
  • retain or ignore previous parent

Just drop FBcombine.mel into mydocuments/maya/X.X/scripts/ and type FBcombine in the commandline.
It'll appear in the FBTools menu
FB wire Jumbler
version 0.9
Creates a bunch of jumbled 'wires'
This script is based on the concept of Neil Blevins' Wire Jumble scripts for 3ds Max. I tried to keep the controls pretty similar.
Simply run the script, select target objects in desired order, enter desired parameters, and press Make wires.
FB save Selection
version 1.0
retain component selections like 3ds Max
FBsaveSelection is my attempt at emulating the behaviour of 3ds max in that your component selections are retained and recalled whenever you switch component modes.
It may take some getting used to, but in the end I hope it helps speed up your workflow by eliminating repetitive selections.
It's all done in mel, so there are a host of settings to minimize any speed decrease. Instructions are included in the zip
FB local Tumble
version 1.2
Force camera to tumble around selection
A simple script that creates a toggle for tumbling the camera around selected objects/components.
Options will appear in a FB Tools Menu
Add FBlocalTumble to userSetup.mel to install, or run this code in the script editor or edit the usersetup.mel file manually.

Latest update notes
  • (v1.2) fixed to work properly with Maya 2013+
FB Slider
version 0.8
Slide an object/component precisely between 2 points
This is more of a proof-of-concept script that slides objects/verts/CVs/EPs/joints/etc between other target objects/verts/CVs/EPs/Joints/etc.
This is useful for lining up bones or precisely sliding objects/components between eachother.
FB refine Joint
version 1.0
bissect selected joint (make twist bone)
A simple script to easily create twist joints.
Inserts new joints in the middle of selected joints
Max Scripts
FB Average Weights
version 1.2
Vertex Weight Blending tool
FBaverageWeights is a script for 3ds max that lets you pick 2 "source" weights and manipulate a selection of skinverts based on these source weights.
there are many effects you could get with this, but some of the core options are
  • Paste a blend onto selection.
  • Paste a gradient between 2 skinverts on selected skinverts
  • Radial Blend to add a weight based on distance
and many options within them! Below is a diagram quickly explaining what each button does
View the videos and images at the right for more.
but give this toolset a shot and you'll see there's much more you can do :D
FB Sub-Obj Pivot
version 1.1
Working pivot toggle for sub-objects
FB_sub-obj Piv is a modeling script for 3ds max that lets you pick a subobject and align a pivot to it specifically to alter geometry along arbitrary axes for hardsurface or organic modeling
How to Use:
  1. Select a mesh or poly sub-object (vert,edge,face)
  2. Run the script to align either a Working Pivot or the Object Pivot to it as defined in the image below.
  3. Run the script again to return to your previous pivot

Latest update notes (v1.1)
  • (v1.1) fixed bug in 3ds max 2015+ when toggling working pivot mode
FB Quick Loop/Ring
version 1.1
Enable shift+click UV and Skin loop/rings
FB_quickLoopRing is a startup script for 3ds max that emulates the new editpoly shift+click loops and lets you add a loop/ring of UV verts, edges,faces, or skinverts to your selection by holding shift and clicking an adjacent subobject like Editable Poly
How to Use:
  1. Download and drop into
    and restart Max
  2. Select a subobject in Unwrap UVW or Skin Modifiers
  3. then hold shift while selecting an adjacent subobject and it'll add the vert,edge,face loop to your selection
  4. Looping will occur on the Geo-level if picked in viewport and UV-level if picked in editor*
*note: Max 2009 and lower will only use Geo-looping rather than UV-looping. 2010+ works as described although sometimes it doesn't register :| i havent been able to figure out why so lemme know if you discover anything!
FB UV conversion
version 1.0
Enable ctrl+click UV conversion
FB_UVconversion is a startup script for 3ds max that lets you convert UV subobject's by holding ctrl while changing subObj mode like Editable Poly etc.
How to Use:
  1. Download and drop into
    and restart Max
  2. Select a subobject in the Unwrap UVW modifier
  3. then hold ctrl while changing subobject mode and your selection will be converted
Photoshop Scripts
Eraser/Brush TGL
version 1.0
toggles between common tools eraser and paintbrush
Toggles between the Eraser and Brush tools
but the script is easily edited to cycle through a number of tools if eraser/brush isn't your thing :)
Save to C:/Program Files/Adobe/PS CS3/Presets/Scripts
and it'll appear in File->Scripts. You can also set it to a hotkey at Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts
UV tgl
version 1.0
Toggles UV layer(s) visibility on/off
uv_TGL simply toggles the visibility of any layer named either:
UV, UVs, UV's, or prefixed with TGL_
by default it searches only for the first layer, but you may change the variable near the top to run on all UV layers.
That can get slow on hefty PSD's though, so it's not advisable!
Save to C:/Program Files/Adobe/PS CS3/Presets/Scripts
and it'll appear in File->Scripts. You can also set it to a hotkey at Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts
FB fetchPSdocs
version 1.0
quickly stores/fetches workspace documents in photoshop
Stores global or project-specific document lists that you may 'fetch' between photoshop sessions.

ex1: store/fetch which references you have open for a large illustration you're doing
ex2: storing all 12 textures you're working on for a particular 3d environment, character, etc.
Scripts included:
  • FB_StoreDocs - Stores open documents to a global temp file
  • FB_FetchDocs - Re-opens stored documents from a global temp file
  • FB_StoreDocsAs- Stores open documents to a Custom location (ex. project-specific)
  • FB_FetchDocsAs - Re-opens stored documents from a custom .PSdocs file
Save the folder to C:/Program Files/Adobe/PS CS3/Presets/Scripts
and they'll appear in File->Scripts.
You can also set hotkeys or set a script to run on startup
(more instructions in Readme.txt)
version 0.9
quickly saves the PSD and a TGA in the parent directory
Meant partially as a replacement for File->Save, savePSD+TGA saves the current psd and a TGA with the same name one level up in the directory.
Just a super simple script I did for a buddy :)
Save to C:/Program Files/Adobe/PS CS3/Presets/Scripts
and it'll appear in File->Scripts. You can also set it to a hotkey at Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts
FB combine Maps
version 0.92
combine or add bakes into a single PSD
Script made as part of Funky X Batcher to help automate the process of combining multiple bakes into 1 PSD
(particularly made with Xnormal bakes in mind)
Combine images to generate a new PSD or update an existing PSD
When updating, if it already finds an existing layer it'll ask if you:
  • want to Hide the originals
  • Delete the originals
  • or Ignore the originals and just keep updating
Save to C:/Program Files/Adobe/PS CS3/Presets/Scripts
and it'll appear in File->Scripts. You can also set it to a hotkey at Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts

Latest update notes (v0.92)
  • (v0.92) fix for non-RGB images before copying to the combined document
  • (v0.92) Continue option on duplicate layer prompt was fixed
  • (v0.91) color-coding for different map-types
  • (v0.9) fixed various map interpretation bugs
  • (v0.9) created confirmation window for resized maps
  • (v0.9) created special cases for bent/object normals
  • (v0.9) converted stuff from DOM to AM, hopefully faster!
  • (v0.77) fixed file loader so everything should work for CS3!
Zbrush Stuff
Zbrush Brushes
version 4r7p3
5 free IMM brushes

These are probably nothing fancy, but just dumping a few zbrush brushes I made or modified that could be useful for somebody out there :)

Brush for making various curls, originally used for curly hair in my Yin Yang girls timelapse

Ben 'Makkon' Hale's awesome hair curve brush which I modified a bit
(you can download his original version here)

This is just a basic eyelash IMM brush. It's not great, but hopefully it saves you a little time :)

Brush for making basic buttons, holes, and knots

Just a super basic brush, meant for hard-edged blocky tubes instead of the default round curveTube brush

Zbrush UI
version 4r7p3
User Interface + alphas for Zbrush
Just a custom Zbrush UI along with alphas that I tend to use a lot with the Standard brush to mimic brush profiles.
I stole the alphas from Andy 'Mr. Kite' Nisbet's great Zbrush 3 UI

Zbrush 4R7 p3 UI